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Drive from Ca. to Az. and south rim pics

Left palm springs at 700am on Sunday morn. got to Williams,Az at 1206. took only 5 hrs.  Very Happy    took 10, to 177 to 95 to 40. Spent the night in williams,az. then headed out to south rim monday morn.
heres some random pics (havent been IN canyon yet, been working.)

leavin coachella valley..

Ferrari on 10.

rocks by hwy177..

close to williams, 40fwy..

Canyon pics

pretty sure these are Zoroaster from 2 different places on the rim....

Colorado river

it snowed all day wednesday and wed night..

my new front yard..

snowy prelude..


Mmmmmmmm Zoroaster Temple... hey Zach, guess what? I need a partner for that.

Re: Drive from Ca. to Az. and south rim pics

Good stuff!
everyday wrote:
my new front yard..


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