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David R

Do you have a secret peak or place in the wilderness?

As of yesterday, I have concluded that I have a secret peak that belongs to me and a few select individuals. I read an old write-up from some HPSers who had mentioned going off to this "peak" from the named commonly hiked one. I first hiked up there about 8 years ago and it seems like it gets less and less traffic. This year I was the second signature in the sign-in can for 2014. What makes it cool in my eyes, is that it has an awesome view and it had been popular going back historically over 40 years. The sign-in goes back to 1967 which makes it one of the oldest registers left in the San Gabriels. It was a popular destination in the 80's and 90's but its popularity has declined significantly. It seems like this spot is now hiked only by old time HPSers and people who just happen to think it might be a spot that is worthwhile to go to.

What's your spot?

Was my name in the register..."HikeUp"?

Fish Fork I guess. Sugarledge is rad, too.
David R

There are three different registers, I only looked at the oldest one and the most recent. The last sign-in was back in February by some dude from Switzerland of all places.

Some buddies and I have a place we call "Secret Ridge" in the San Gabs.  Most amazing area I know of.  Huge, secluded, flat, mostly soft sand (hidden clearing)....and looks down on the SGV..totally secluded and remote even though it's just 1/4 mile off a trail.   It would be the coolest camp site around, if anyone knew about it.  We've even got hidden bottles of 30 year old scotch up there.  Elevation is 8,700'  Wink
Uncle Rico

8700'. 1/4 mile off an established trail. Looks down on the SGV. Not too many places in the San Gabes like that. Ima find yer secret place and drink all yer whiskey.  Twisted Evil

I find that hiking early on weekdays, you have most places to yourself Smile

But even on weekends, I'm surprised how empty some good trails are. And how busy some meh trails are!

Remote area.

Browns Flat, a difficult place to reach but worth the effort as all the best places are. John Robinson mentioned it in his book The San I had to get there. It is in the San Dimas Experimental forest, you will only find animal sign there..bear scat, lion tracks etc. and the remains of an old cabin..Mr Brown who hunted Mtn lions and then packed out the skins in the 1880's. There is an ancient looking tree stand up one of the large pines as well. Brings lots of water there is none along the route. Best done as an overnighter but can be done in a day. Start at Cow canyon saddle and Mtn bike up to the radio towers along sunset ridge, stash the bike and hike in, 7.5 series topo map will be usefull for route finding..good luck!

I've always wanted to go to Brown's Flat! First saw it in high school and was immediately intrigued. Very cool.

Brown's Flat!

ya Brown's Flat!

Island in the sky. Middle of nowhere. Old photos of people flying a small plane there to a small resort in the 20's.

I used to like the old cabin above Orchard Camp in the mid 70's. People knew about it, but it was still cool. Homeless Charlie Manson-types would hang there. Ditto Cholos and gallon bottles of vodka screwdrivers. No wonder the FS destroyed it in '78 or so...

I used to enjoy the quiet bouldering found on East Mt Pacifico back in the day...

Liked to poach an illegal mt bike ride on Pacifico's east PCT and Mt Gleason PCT. Gone..     Station Fire bummer..

Secret Spot

OK- here is a real life secret spot.

Hike downstream from Chilao's Meadow Group Campground (it's the ENE Fork of Alder Creek).

Perhaps 50- 100 yards downstream from the Sandy Bottom Boulders (top-roping and bouldering) is a huge (50' high?) boulder on the south side of the stream. It's summit is easily attainable, and right below the summit is a small thank-god ledge surrounded by pine trees that allows you to sit with feet dangling over the abyss while looking at sunset down into Tujunga Canyon. I took many a young lady there and plied them with intoxicants.... Forum Index -> General Discussion
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