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Dismembered deer

I started an off trail exploration of a canyon in the OC. Before getting far up the canyon, I found a lion feeding ground complete with a dismembered deer. A little further up canyon were a couple of matted areas in the brush that might have been day beds.

My question is how much would a basic game camera rig cost?


Whoa! That's quite a find. Was this in Bluewater Canyon? How old was the site, would you way?


Thanks for the link. Can you recommend a brand or specs I should look for?


Yup, Bluewater. My guess is it's a few of months old based on how completely it has been eaten, but it's hard to tell. I'd like to make a second, more thorough trip if you are interested. I'll follow up with you via email.

Wow! That was a nice buck!

So, does a lion feed and then sleep by the corpse to protect its kill, so it can eat more later? Or, does it get its fill and take off back to its lair?

There are experts on this forum, but I am not one of them.

Here is my limited understanding from what I've read. Lions usually eat some of their kill, then cache it and come back to eat over the next week or two. They don't usually sleep in the same place all the time except when they have kittens. Otherwise, they kind of roam around and sleep in day beds they make in brush, shallow caves, or around rocks.

Hopefully, a real expert will fill us in with the details.

Wow. nice find but I feel for the poor deer! Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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