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Devilís Chair via South Fork/Big Rock Creek

The area surrounding Devilís Chair is known for itís unique geology. Looking across the canyon (called the Devilís Punchbowl) you can see how the San Andreas fault has changed the landscape. The area is very interesting and I wished I had spent more time exploring there before moving.

Here are some highlights. Clicking on any of the photos will bring you to the full gallery.
 Devilís Chair via South Fork/Big Rock Creek



Still haven't made it out there. The hiking list never seems to get much smaller.

Where did you move? Still in Cali?

Lol! I'm sure you'd want to tack a few more miles onto it to make it more worthwhile.

Moved to NH to be closer to my elderly parents. Hope to visit CA late summer for some hiking though.

That is very noble. I hope your family is well.

Meanwhile, you have a chance to do the Presidential Traverse. Good luck out there.

Thanks tekewin.

Hoping to get in the traverse sometime this summer. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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