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Old Mt Wilson Trail water status 12 Jul 2014

I figure water is not certain at a lot of previously reliable spots, so here is the status from the Old Mt Wilson Trail as of July 12.

Bear Spring at First Water is very nearly dry and not useful.  The main area at First Water is dry.  Some unappetizing pools are visible just downstream (below the split from the main trail).

Decker Spring is flowing enough to use your hand to direct the flow into a bottle.  Or, the pool below is large enough to pump from.

Did not try to go down to the stream at Orchard Camp, so no information.  

Last water has been dry for probably a year.

I took 1.5 liters and drank probably 6-8 oz at Decker, realized at Orchard that I would probably use it all but arrive OK, and indeed finished the last just past the saddle by Mt. Harvard.   Won't let myself go in summer in the future without at least 2L or a plan to refill enroute.

Sounds pretty dry.  Thanks for the report.


Decker Spring water report? (Old Mt Wilson Trail)

Anyone been by Decker Spring lately?  It's the one on the Old Mt Wilson Trail a bit below Orchard Camp, where some surface water also crosses the trail (or did).

I should be up there for a dawn hike on Monday morning. If I don't see any replies before then I'll update mid morning.

Turned out I had the opportunity to do my own recon today.  Decker is flowing a little and the pool is suitable for pumping.  There's no longer any opportunity to access the spring water before it goes into the pool. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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