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Crystal Lake 2011 vs 2014

Found this photo posted by 'freaks for nature' on the Crystal Lake facebook page - hope they don't mind me posting it here but it is such a dramatic example of our drought.

maybe my idiotic neighborhood that hoses down his sidewalk several times a week needs to see this more than anybody on here does.  This jackass wastes hundreds of gallons of water a week just to 'push' leaves off his sidewalk with water instead of just sweeping them up.

When he gets real bored he wastes even more water to flush the small pile of leaves further down the street!  Such ignorance is painful to watch.  I think some people have reported him to the city but they must not be doing much to stop him.  

Someone on this board had that great avatar - 'Stupid Should Hurt' !!  


Yipes.  Well, good for mud baths I suppose.

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