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Crime reminder

To those who do not know:
The forest has always been a place targeted by criminals.
The higher the perceived value left in the car, comparatively to others,  the higher priority the car is to vandals.

In the past week, there are 3 auto vandalism incidents reported, and probably more than that not on the internet. The 3 places struck were:
1) Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 2) MtBaldy Road @ Barrel-Stoddard, 3) East Fork San Gabriel River parking lot. In the last case, 2 of the owner's tires were also slashed(

Even at the end of Hwy39,past Crystal Lake? Anywhere.
(skip to 7:40)

I feel pretty lucky that I haven't had a break in yet. Pisses me off, but parked cars that are alone for many hours are tempting targets, especially in low traffic areas. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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