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Conejo Mtn & Peak 1408'

Yesterday I hiked in the Thousand Oaks area to conquer Conejo Mtn via the untamed Western Ridge. I met a group at Peppertree Park off the Old Conejo Rd. We walked through a residential area that led us to a sort of secret entrance to the trail

As soon as we set foot on this trail it was muddy and slick but with beautiful green grass surrounding us as we headed on our long journey towards our destniation.

We had a long ways to go before hiking up main ridge.

Some cool rocks along the way

We soon detoured off trail to a hidden cave where we found some cool pictographs. We hiked up on the ledge of these slick rocks and the cave was hidden above a canyon where we could see a waterfall behind some trees. I'm not sure of the Canyon name or waterfall.

Just a few Pictoghraphs of many

We continued to traverse up the ridge towards Conejo peak

Mostly muddy wet boots the whole trip

After traversing we came to a road and walked a short distance.

We then ascended off trail to another ridge through a poppy field being careful not to step on these beauties!

Climbed some cool rocks along the ridge.

After climbing the rocks it was a short distance to a saddle with a visible trail and a short climb that led us towards the peak.

Finally Conejo Pk 1814'.  No benchmark but really cool views!

We still had quite a ways to go. Here is a view of the rolling ridge that we were about to embark after desceding the peak

There are 4 bumps along the ridge to hike over but the coolest of them all was  bump#3 with some nice rocks to hop over!

After hiking bump #4 it was a pretty cool descent where the road crosses but we took a detour crossing the road and ascended up to peak 1408'.

Peak 1408'

Looking at the canyon below after the final descent of Pk 1408' back to the road.

and the last trail back to our cars

Overall it was an awesome hike. Total trip was 8 miles with 2626' elevation gain. Theres a lot of elevation gain within a short distance but it's worth the sweat, pain and muddy feet!

Thanks for the report. I like the lush, green hills. It's like the Chino Hills of Thousand Oaks! Forum Index -> Other Ranges
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