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I decided to ditch my Wild Wednesday hiking buddies and finish completing my list of peaks in the San Gabriels. This time it was the long-awaited Colver Peak.
I had a late start. The initial plan was to bag Ontario Pk but there was smoke from a fire in the area that was covering the surrounding mountains by Ice House Canyon.  So we drove up the Glendora Ridge Road and parked at the gate of Forest Service Road 2n07.

When we arrived at the gate there were two Edison trucks and a forest service ranger on site.  They were doing some work and the gate was opened. Further down the road there was a tractor doing some maintenance and there was debris on the road.

Since we got a late start the heat was just unbearable at times but I was determined to bag another peak. Very few areas of the fire road were shady and the gnats were going crazy. Usually they don't bother me but today was not the case. Good thing I had a mosquito net.

After passing the first junction on the Sunset Peak Road, we bypassed Sunset Peak especially because I've bagged it at least 5 times. So we continued on to the Sunset Ridge Road towards Colver Peak.

View of Browns Flat.

After a long walk in the blazing heat, I got my first glimpse of Colver Peak and Sunset Ridge.

Found the old trail sign for Colver in the brush.

Sean was exhausted and chose to meet me on the other side of the road by the towers. I scrambled up the steep firebreak. There was one false bump before climbing the second steep firebreak up to the summit.

Whoooohooo, finally conquered another peak on the list!

Summit selfie of course.


Summit views

Sean decided to wait for me under the shaded tree and take a nap while I walked up to every tower and building, hoping to find something. I walked to the furthest towers.

A friend joined us on the road.

Butterflies by Sunset Ridge.

It wasn't such a good idea to bag this peak on such a hot day but determination sometimes wins. I ended up hiking 15.6 miles roundtrip due to my curiosity. Colver Peak is pretty cool but it's a long way to go on a boring fire road, though as you get closer to the peak it gets a lot prettier.

LA Times article regarding the naming of the peak back in 1998.
Uncle Rico

Cool pic of Brown's Flat. I've often wondered about that place.

Is Colver in the San Dimas Experimental Forest? I always thought that was technically off limits? Or maybe it is.  q28

Uncle Rico wrote:
Is Colver in the San Dimas Experimental Forest?

The peak is on the boundary line. Technically some of the service road (2N07) crosses into the Experimental Forest, but I've never been told to stay off it, and I've walked right past rangers and work crews there. Stay on the road and ridge route over the peak, and you should be fine. There are other roads in the Experimental Forest that are definitely closed to the public, but those are well-signed as such. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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