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Colorado mountaineer rescue

Viral news event of a solo 23 yr old who was on the Devils Backbone on Harwood during wild winter weather and went off the side to Fish Fork....just this was in Colorado and the mountain was Pyramid Peak, not Harwood.

Thought it was curious that it didnt muster up any input by mountaineering forums....the only one that mentioned it was 14er, a Colorado forum. The only substantive post so far was a mention of incidents proving falling 1500-2000ft and living is possible.

He also had some social media as far as his style...for example..

Anyways, wild event! Movie?

Might make a decent survival movie. Though he was only out a couple days. Still, he's clearly one tough dude.

Unfortunately, his dad has perpetuated the myth that such activity is not daredevil behavior.

On a serious note, he said his son's climbing attitude concerns him, but he knows Ryan isn't a daredevil. For example, on a climb up Mt. Shasta last month in California, he reached snow near the top he didn't trust and turned back, he said.

Daredevil: one who is recklessly bold.

I say it's reckless to do that shit solo. And it's double-reckless to do it solo without a locator beacon. Accidents happen. But recklessness is a choice.

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