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Coldwater Canyon

Has anyone ever hiked or explored Coldwater Canyon, near Glen Ivy in Corona? Any info on it at all? There is a public forest service trail nearby, but I am most interested in the actual canyon and creek that runs through it. Any info would be appreciated!

Sorry, I know it isn't in the San Gabriels, but couldn't find a better forum to ask on.  Very Happy

Been a few years, but tried accessing the creek via Glen Ivy(they have a trail that enters the nat. forest behind their property) but they would not allow me to walk through. Also checked with the rock quarry to the south.. they also said no.
Called the ranger station, they agreed it is a shame, but there is no public access to the creek except from above... or a long traverse from one of the 'truck trails...extremely long, steep and dangerous x-country terrain for an old guy!  Don't know the legality, but have considered walking up the creek from below Glen Ivy, staying in the creek bed. Really is a shame... it's Cleveland Nat. forest just past Glen Ivy, but only the owners of Glen Ivy have access.

If you own any kind of recent Garmin device, there's a really neat mini SD card you can buy for it. It called the "Hunt Ca" chip. It's literally a statewide Platt map. Property ownership information for every square inch of Ca is on a fingernail-sized card. It would show you exactly where the property lines are and I bet there is a legal way to do what you want to do. Cranky property owners tend to rely on the fact that most people will just take their word for it and not ever know differently.
I have mine in a Garmin Rino 655T when I'm on foot and the card works in my old Nuvi 660 when I'm driving. On larger screens it puts FS roads and contour lines on too.
I'm sounding like a salesman but I highly recommend this thing for anyone with property line issues or questions.
In checking my link just now, it looks like they have a smartphone app too.

Thanks for the tips guys, that is a wonderful app! Forum Index -> General Discussion
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