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chorro grande trail - lpnf

a great trail to pine mountain and a great view of the recent fire damage:

oak campground is just out of the frame, lower right.
Uncle Rico

bardley - this may be a na´ve question, by how come the Gene Marshall Trail from Reyes Creek to Bear Trap is in the closure area? From the looks of it, that section of trail is fairly distant from the burn zone.

great question.  

they want to keep people off of pine mountain in case the fire really blows up.  and that section of the gene marshall provides access to the boulder creek trail which ascends to pine mountain arriving right across the ridge from the top of chorro grande canyon.

there are still many hotspots within the 95% containment area that have not burned.

abundance of caution.
Uncle Rico

I see said the blind man.

Thanks for the info.  Cool

at your service!
Rudy Rodriguez

Pine mtn is a beautiful area. I go up there and car camp about once a month. I was up there for 2weeks last months. About 3mi from the fire lines on private property. At the 4600 ft level.

the chorro fire area closure is lifted as of today.

pine mountain road is now open. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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