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Chino Hills Agave - Updated 5/3

Update 4/19  The side stalks have spread out from the main stalk. We should have blooms soon.  By the way, if it looks like a giant asparagus, that is because it is. Agaves are in the asparagus family.

If you spend much time in Chino Hills SP, you have likely seen the large agave growing at the very western end of Telegraph Canyon. The agave is doing its once in a lifetime bloom. We saw the beginning of the main stalk on March 7 and now the very first signs of the flowering side stalks have appeared. After the bloom, the plant dies.  So, this is a relatively rare event. See it if you can. Here are some pictures.

March 7

March 14

March 21

March 28

April 4

April 11

Beginning side stalk


Thanks for posting the time lapse. Pretty interesting stuff. I learned something.

Update 4/25

April 25 The side stalks have become more prominent and blooming is close.


Updated 5/3

Update 5/3 The agave is nearly ready to bloom. The trident tip of the side stalks have spread apart and small bud-like protrusions are visible.
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