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Chanel Islands -camping-

Hey all
I was thinking about visiting some of the channel Islands with my wife....

anybody been out there?

unfortunatly the only openings at a time I could go is in mid-october...

I'm assuming it'd be "chilly" then.

Any experinces , recommendations, maps, guides, etc...


I've  actually been looking into this recently as well, it looks like a blast with easy hikes throughout the island. Santa Rosa is the way to go from the people Ive talked to as well as the least populated. Better to go when its chillier, a lot less people as well its easier to see the animals.
Ive always wanted to go beach camping, and have been waiting for hunting season to be over so they open up the whole island. August 15th I believe is the end!

I've camped at Scorpion Bay before on Santa Cruz.  It's OK.  I prefer Pine Trees and such.  

The best part of the island to me is the sea (I like kayaking and snorkeling).  Kayaking (on the inland side) is great since the island protects you from ocean waves.

Cooler is definitely better.  Spent one July camped at Two Harbors on Catalina.  Two thumbs down.

I did a quick weekend trip to Santa Cruz island in 2005.  From what I remember, Santa Cruz was really the only island with decent hiking trails.  I took the ferry out to Scorpion and hiked the Monta˝non Ridge to Del Norte camp.  Spent the night then picked up a ferry back to the mainland from Prisoners Harbor the next day.

This was July and mid-week.  I saw literally nobody else once I started hiking.  Lots of kayakers at Scorpion but nobody along the ridge.  I would've liked a couple extra days to camp down in some of the more hidden harbors.  Didn't find any water, luckily I had enough for the hike and overnight.  Not sure how it would be in October, but it might be worth to call the Park Service and ask them.  They're usually helpful.  Their website has a good hiking map: Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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