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Cerro Alto Peak, Los Padres

Freakishly late with this, but while on vacation in Paso Robles in April, we hiked Cerro Alto Peak in the northern part of the Los Padres, between Atascadero and Morro Bay.  We followed the route described here.  The day use parking area at the campground was kind of confusingly signed (conflicting stuff like Adventure Pass accepted and also $10 fee per day use) but we displayed the Adv. Pass and got away with it.

DSC00261 by moore91024, on Flickr

We saw a banana slug.

DSC00262 by moore91024, on Flickr

And Morro Rock.

DSC00265 by moore91024, on Flickr

Worth it if you're in the area!

That slug is disgusting. But thanks for reminding me of that area. It's been awhile since I visited Morro Bay and Atascadero. I still remember the little zoo in Atascadero with the screaming monkeys that went off every few minutes like clockwork.

I thought those slugs were farther north and in wetter areas. I've seen them in Portland, Redwoods and of course Santa Cruz. I even have one on my UCSC t-shirt.

That slug is awesome! We just got back from a wine tasting trip to Paso. I wanted to squeeze in a hike Cerro Alto while were there, but my wife had other plans. I'll get back there next year. I hope I see a slug.

Added a poll Smile


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