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Cave of Munitz

 photo 1_zpshfakgxcl.jpg

At the far west end of the San Fernando Valley lies the lesser known Cave of Munitz. To be more exact, it is located in West Hills,
inside El Scorpion Canyon Park, which is a part of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

 photo 2_zpsiwspxc3p.jpg

This is not a deep cave yet, rather a huge cleft in limestone rock caused by water and wind gradually wearing away the interior.
If you look carefully at the right side of the opening you'll see a rock climber on the right wall, near the top.

 photo 4_zpsyrqcavdz.jpg

Here's an interior shot of the huge opening to the cave. There were two climbers practicing this
difficult climb the day I went.  They said that limestone is an ideal surface for grips that won't crumble.

 photo 4b_zpsq9tuvk2q.jpg

Another shot of the climbers at the entrance. These two guys were the only ones at the cave, other than myself.

 photo 3_zps1f8iubng.jpg

While this is not a deep cave yet, it has a spectacular vaulted ceiling, where rain and wind are gradually wearing away the interior.

 photo 5_zps8tw3m7xm.jpg

Here's a view from the inside. To give you a size perspective, the well lit area is about ten feet tall.

 photo 7_zpssmnioc24.jpg

Looking up... This cave (or cleft) is about three stories high in some places. Rain pours through the ceiling during the winter months.

 photo 6_zpskhc2gaz3.jpg

Another view of the high vaulted ceiling. The light from above illuminates the interior and a flashlight is not required.

 photo 8_zpsofvwjyjd.jpg

More holes in the ceiling. I use special lighting to take these photos, so you may not be able to see these details on your visit.

 photo 9_zpsomgwbwlg.jpg

There are a lot of pigeons who call this cave their home. An eerie cooing sound all around you adds to the experience.

 photo 10_zpsdb1mlokp.jpg

Here's a view from the top looking down.  Some of the rock up here is thin, and if you fall in this hole you'll be in a world of hurt.

 photo 10a_zpsbwetsehz.jpg

More holes up above.  There is some graffiti, but thankfully this cave hasn't been destroyed like the Vanalden Cave in Tarzana.

 photo 12_zpss3yykt8s.jpg

Outside of the cave there are rolling grass hills and coastal live oaks.  In the springtime you'll probably see these Canterbury Bells.

 photo 11_zpspxs5bsnb.jpg

This is another common plant called Jimsomweed. These huge leathery flowers bloom for a short time in the day, then close up to
protect themselves from the sun. The seeds are hallucinogenic, but can kill you by stopping your breathing.

 photo IMG_5923_zpsp6fvnw4g.jpg

Red lichen found above the cave.  This rock structure is similar to that of Stoney Point, a nearby rock climbing hot spot in Chatsworth.

 photo 13_zps9e2pytnp.jpg

The hike to the cave is very easy and short.  Most of the people who enjoy this park seem completely oblivious
to its existence.  The cave is safe on the inside, although climbing above it is somewhat risky.

 photo 14_zpsc9gzfbtp.jpg

No hike would be complete without an abandoned or stolen car.  This one looks like it might have been the General Lee.

For directions to reach this cave, do an internet search for Cave of Munitz.  It's less than one mile from the city and suitable for kids and dogs.

David R

Hiking above the cave and along the ridge is as much fun as the hike into the cave itself. You get to do some slight scrambling and a steep climb up to the ridge. The ridge itself is fun and then you get to climb Castle Peak. From there it is a steep direct climb back down to the trailhead. A nice little workout.

I did it the opposite way, from Castle Peak to the cave.  There are a lot of smaller caves along the way like this one.

 photo IMG_5925_zpsnz5norm4.jpg

That's a fun park. I climbed Castle Peak and the high point on my way back from Los Padres last month. I didn't have time to make it to the cave, which looks worthwhile. Your photos are awesome.

Castle Peak from the road

View from the park high point

Castle Peak

Looking down the north side of Castle Peak

Those are some beautiful shots of Castle Peak.  If you ever get the chance you should walk around nearby Stoney Point up near the 210.

Will do! Stoney Point is definitely on the list. Forum Index -> California
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