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Cat-tle Canyon

My dog and I saw a momma and cub mt lion this morning in Cattle Canyon. Not sure if momma got caught on camera, but the little one froze. We were less than 100 feet away. Glad my dog was on leash because she likes to chase things and I was glad we stayed together.

Momma was not very big. Certainly less than 100 pounds. Baby was a bit bigger than average bobcat size. And while it is spotted, you can clearly see its long tail.

I heard a "chirp chirp" about 10 seconds before we saw the kitties. After the encounter, we turned back, not wanting to make them feel followed in the tight canyon. I saw no tracks or scat.

I'll update when YouTube vid loads.

deleted for poor quality. Screenshots a few posts down.

Well, now that I see it on a large screen , uploaded to youtube, the quality looks pretty much unviewable.

I shot it on my iphone 6+, which was in my pocket, and due to the temps in the high40's combined with moisture in my pocket, the lens was fogged up. I'm on a new laptop without any editing software, so unfortunately, you'll just have to take my word that there were 2 cats 100 feet from me.

Around :57 into the video, after I wipe the lens, the smaller cat bounds away, and you can see the length of its tail.



OK, for real here is a link

I got a few frames with the momma in it, but it was before I cleaned the lens, so the stills here are of the cub. Probably 6 months old.
Uncle Rico

Neat capture Shang. Not something you see every day.

Lions! A pretty rare encounter and something to treasure. Thanks for the photos. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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