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A. Anderson

Canyon East of Bailey & West of LSA

There is a canyon East of Bailey (& Hiker Bob) and West of LSA coming off of Jones peak. 34.1796, -118.0532 Has anyone done this canyon or know someone that has? Went in there today and much to my surprise found webbing, which I'd guess was placed in the last year or so. Large CAMP rapides and mostly red webbing.

Not I.

I do have a list of canyons in the SG's that need exploring, if you wanna see some interesting ones. I don't want to do it much anymore.

Are you refering to the little canyon that heads easterly from the saddle just north of Jones and down into LSA or are you refering to the one that heads straight south from Jones in a more N_S orientation? I've heard of people going down/up the former, but haven't heard anyone even mention the latter one.
A. Anderson

What happened Taco? Sick off all the thorny & poisonous plants? Yeah, I'm always interested in checking out new stuff.

HikeUp, yes the latter. Heads South from Jones Peak. Here's the approximate route:

It's a technical canyon that we were exploring but clearly someone has descended it before us. Wondering who that might be.

Not I (obviously), but cool! Looks dangerous. You go first.

Yeah, not super excited about it.

Here's a tough nut to crack. Lotta bushwhacking. Amanda and I explored the canyon west of this one. This unexplored one appears to have a big amphitheatre and rappel at the end, on the coords:  3416'28.70"N 11748'29.16"W
A. Anderson

The one to the West looks like it's got a nice 200'er. Have you written up the beta on that?

The one at 34.2752, -117.8091 seems like a pretty nice waterfall when it's flowing. About 130' based on Ben's mapping tool.

The one to the west is Schvaterfall Canyon. There's a TR here and on Ropewiki. That's a 300ft waterfall on that one. Very very cool! Lots of bushwhacking, and I mean a lot. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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