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Campus Board/Pull Up Bar

Anyone know of a good campus board or pull-up bar that I could easily install in a standard bedroom doorway... preferably one that does not require damaging or altering the structure of the door-frame in any way?

I've seen pictures where people have used those doorway pull-up bar units to mount a hangboard.  You get one of the ones that cantilever around the back of the door frame, with perpendicular grips (I have one of these, and it's great:

So you mount your hangboard to a piece of plywood, then to that plywood you mount wooden blocks or stacked 2x4s on the back.  Drill holes deep into the blocks the same diameter as the pull-up grips, and you can slide the whole unit on an off the bars as needed.

Have you checked out Metolius Project Board. They are meant to be mounted to a board above a door frame. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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