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Caldera Cone vs. Clikstand Alcohol Stove Tests

There's a lot of talk about alcohol stoves and how great they are in terms of being light weight.   Alcohol stoves though are super vulnerable to wind.   I'm interested in integrated alcohol stove systems where the windscreen and stove are designed to work together.   Micky mousing something together hasn't worked well for me.

I thought I'd take a couple of alcohol stoves systems, run them side by side, and see what I might see.

So, this past Saturday, I took a Clikstand and a Caldera Cone over to a friend's for a little stove testing.

If you're interested in my findings you can read about them on my blog Adventures In Stoving -- Caldera Cone vs. Clikstand Alcohol Stove Tests.


DOOD the one on the right is like a rotor!!! Smile

Carry on!

LOL, i was gonna say the same...its the Wankel rotary stove, ha

Yes, but which has a better compression ratio; the 12A or the stove?

Can your rotor do this?  Wink


Some stats for those who may be interested:

Clikstand with Trangia Burner
Clikstand S-2:  94g/3.3oz
Windscreen S-2:  37g/1.3oz  (note:  In my testing I used a BPL Ti windscreen, 25g/0.9oz)
Trangia Burner:  67g/2.4oz
Trangia Burner Lid:  21g/0.7 oz
Trangia Burner Simmer Ring:  23g/0.8oz
Total Trangia Burner Weight:  112g/4.0oz
Grand Total:  The Clikstand with Trangia burner set up is 242g/8.5 oz total, including windscreen, burner lid, and simmer ring.

Note:  The above weights are taken from the website.  SNOWGOOSE in Scotland wrote and gave me the actual weights for his Clikstand set up.  His weights are a gram or two heavier in several cases.  His total weight was 247g/8.7oz.  

The Caldera Cone with 10-12 stove
Caldera Cone: 34g/1.2oz
10-12 stove: 16g/0.6oz
Grand Total:  The Caldera Cone with 10-12 stove is 50g/1.75 oz

Note:  The above weights are actual weights.  The weight of a particular cone may vary depending on what type of pot it is designed for, the type of cone, and the material from which the cone is made (Ti or Al).  

The Clikstand with Trangia burner is approximately five times heavier than the Caldera Cone with 10-12 stove.


Actually yeah, I probably coulda cooked on my RX7! Wink

Taco wrote:
Actually yeah, I probably coulda cooked on my RX7! Wink
Tacos al Rotor!

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