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Cabins for rent in San Gabs?

I know there are a few up at Crystal Lake.......but are there ever any pvt rentals of any others?   I was just up in Millard Canyon (Pasadena)......and got to thinking how neat it would be to spend a couple days up there.    Any such thing?

I believe, and I could be wrong about this, that people who own cabins in Angeles (like in Ice House or Santa Anita) are not allowed to rent them out?

Sturtevant Camp

Sturtevant Camp (historic camp) just North of Sierra Madre in "Big Santa Anita" hiking area.  Minimum of 2 people.  Hike in 4 3/4 miles to the camp site.  up to 50 guests in bunk style cabins primarily.  To find out more ask "Adams Pack Station" via Facebook if you have it.  The Friends of the San Gabriel's recently purchased the camp which is undergoing repairs/improvements before the next Fall season opens.  Summer the water might run dry so not anticipating summer rental available.  Best time to enjoy is Mid Oct-End of April.  

Its a few steps above tent camping but certainly far from the cushy feel and convenience of drive up cabin/motel types.

Otherwise yes, cabin owners in Big Santa Anita are not allowed to rent their privately owned cabins dotted along the hikes there.  Camp Sturtevant is the only place in that area to stay and needs advance notice of at least a couple weeks if not a little longer so that a camp host can hike in and get things ready for your stay.

Check with Newcombs Ranch. I believe that I read somewhere they have a cabin/house for rent near the restaurant, Chilao area. Also Buckhorn ski club allows overnight guests in a communal lodge for a small fee.

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