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Cabin For Sale - Spruce Grove - SOLD!!


Cabin #101 - Spruce Grove

Cabin #101 is located across the stream from Spruce Grove Campground, approximately four miles from Chantry Flat. It is set in a small grove of spruce trees (actually Big-Cone Douglas Fir) at about 3,000 ft in elevation. It's just a few minutes away from Sturtevant's Camp.

This cabin has had one owner for three decades and is very well maintained. The 30-year roof is only three and a half years old, and the paint is in good condition. The surroundings have been thoroughly raked over the years so there is good fire clearance, and the spruce trees are clean compared to oak and bay trees.

Two rooms make up this cabin, plus a utility porch. One room contains the kitchen with pantry, propane cookstove, propane refrigerator, and two sinks, one with an old-fashioned hand pump. The second room is the living/sleeping area, and comes with a bed and wood-burning stove. The cabin is quite roomy.

There is a reliable source of water from a spring immediately behind the cabin, and water is collected in a concrete spring box. This is the source for the hand pump in the kitchen. There is currently no gravity system. The cabin is also wired with a solar electric system, and a generator is included. The outhouse (toilet) is also in good condition.

There is plenty of flat space around the cabin for chairs or picnic tables, and an adjacent flat space that would be ideal for playing croquet or badminton, or set up tents for overnight guests. Because of the easy access, the pack train can provide doorstep delivery service.

As is tradition in Big Santa Anita Canyon, the cabin is being sold locks, stock & barrel. All furniture, kitchenware, tableware, tools etc are included in the sale price.

It's probably not necessary to mention it to the people of this forum, but the owners said "We want the cabin to go to people who will not only respect it for what it is but also the land and what it represents.  An investment in time and effort.  I am sure you agree that the new owners should represent the kind of dedicated, conservation minded individual who will preserve the cabin and its environs." They are not in a hurry to sell.

(link to larger image)

(link to larger image)

Asking $50,000

To get to cabin #101, follow the Gabrielino Trail to Spruce Grove campground. Cross the stream at the flat area above the check dam, before the campground sign. Go upstream past cabins #99 and #100. #101 is the dark green cabin (looks kinda blue in the photos) that sits high above the upper end of the campground (cabin map available here).

To arrange to tour the cabin, come by the pack station on a Saturday or a Sunday, or email pack station owner Deb Burgess at

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Deb removed a few personal items (quilts and a bear skull) but forgot to take her camera. You'll have to hike in to take a look around inside. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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