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Cabin For Sale - Fern Lodge

Cabin #66 near Fern Lodge Junction, Big Santa Anita Canyon, is for sale. This two-room cabin is very well maintained and nicely decorated inside. There is a futon in the living area and bunk beds in the bedroom. A wood-burning stove keeps the place warm in winter and a sturdy deck overlooks Big Santa Anita Creek. This cabin is close to Sturtevant Falls, yet sits across the creek and away from the trail.

Adams' Pack Station will not be showing this cabin, so please contact the owner Jackie at Asking price is $45,000.


Don't I wish.  Sigh.

Nice map by the way.


Yeah, it's a neat little cabin. Jackie and her husband, Ernie, are cabinet makers so all the work they have done is of fine quality. And Jackie is an obsessive painter so there isn't a speck of rot in the place.

I made that map five years ago in Microsoft Paint! Although I believe I used IrfanView to wash out the map from REI that is the background.

Bump ^

Still available. Make her an offer.

Cabin 66

Can anyone tell me if Cabin 66 is still for sale? Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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