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Cabin for sale AT Chantry Flat

Cabin 140 | Asking $60,000

This cabin is known as the “cabin in the hole” and is located immediately to the west of Chantry Flat, just a 3 minute walk from the parking lot but hidden from view; most people don't know it's there. It is located on Santa Oline Creek (aka San Olene Creek), the seasonal watershed that is also the water source for Chantry Flat. There is a nice front porch overlooking the creek and there is a loft accessed by pull-down ladder steps. The bridge across the creek was rebuilt ten years ago.

Cabin 140 comes wired for 120 volt electricity with a generator hookup, but the generator will not be sold with the cabin. It also has a propane stove and propane lighting, fireplace, no refrigerator. The bulk of the furniture and equipment will be staying but check with the owners to know what is included.

I pinpointed it on a Google map, but the trail to the cabin is locked by a chain link gate.

For more information, contact Chris Bohler (the owner) at 626.232.6148. Adams' Pack Station will not be taking appointments to show the property. Please speak directly to Chris..


amazing,. Never knew there was a cabin there.... Forum Index -> General Discussion
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