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C2C in July San Jacinto

Hi I'm from MA and will be in the LA area this July. Im looking for info from anyone who has done the C2C with daytime temps in Palm Spring above 100'. I KNOW its very hot in July.  I know there is no water until the tram and its probably the least favorable month to climb C2C. I have been hiking for over 30 yrs. I enjoy night hiking and long distances. (My last big hike was a Grand Canyon R2R2R last Nov.) My guess is the only possible way to attempt this is to start around 12AM -1AM and carry 8L of water/fluids with major electrolyte replacement. I have a plan B if its forcasted to be too hot on the day of hike (probably will climb San G) I posted this question on another forum and was asked if this was a joke. I wouldnt waste your time or mine if it was a joke. If its not safe, I wont hike C2C.If the risks can be mittigated, then maybe I will. Thanks for your input. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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