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Buckhorn ski and snowboard club open house tomorrow

Buckhorn ski and snowboard club operates a large lodge and two rope tow lifts in Angeles Crest. The lodge dates back to the early 50's and is on the right side of Angeles Crest Highway about 1/4 mile past the entrance to Buckhorn campground. Memberships are very reasonable and include year round access to the lodge. The club organizes a yearly rafting trip, ski trip, beach party, pool party and Mammoth trip plus many events at the lodge.

Open house is all day, look for the sign.

I'm not a skier, but what's the lodge like?  And it's accessible in the summer?

David R

The point where the Waterman trail reaches the ridge and turns to the west is the top of the ski run. I've shot down that chute as a shortcut back to ACH. There was no activity near the lodge which is pretty small when I hiked through in the summer. I believe there were a couple of other small buildings nearby, small area, and not much to do there.


No, there is no prerequisite that you ski. In fact the lifts have only run about 10 times in the last 3 years. The lodge has a large upstairs sleeping quarters with a private family suite. Downstairs is kitchen, bathroom for the ladies, pantry, gear storage, common area with fireplace and deck. Members that complete opening and closing training are given keys and have access to the lodge all year.


Yes the lodge is small but well laid out. It sleeps about 25 persons upstairs and room for more downstaits. The other buildings are 2 lift shacks, outhouse and storage. And the best part you've already figured out,"not much to do there". No tv, phone or internet just hiking, climbing, fishing, mountain biking,  frisbee golf and my favorite watching trees grow.

Its a great group of likeminded people from all walks of life and from all over the socal area. If you stop in tomorrow you'll see us teaching rock climbing to the kids, doing some repairs,  and enjoying some live jazz. Stop by if your in the neighborhood and see for yourself. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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