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Brown Mountain Road (2N66)

Question  Thinking of taking a small group on a trail run to the end of the Brown Mt Road (where it ends and meets Ken Burton). I haven't been up there since before the Station Fire.  We would start at Devils Gate and do an out and back. Anyone been all the way to the end of the Brown Mt Road and can tell me what conditions are like?

I haven't been up there for a few months, but the "road" is now more of a single track trail weaving in between bushes, wash outs, sand piles and so on, but without any major obstacles. It's clear all the way to the Ken Burton trailhead. Travel is really no problem, just expect a little bit more footwork than on a typical fire road and be aware that mountain bikes might be coming down it fairly quickly perhaps not expecting to see many foot travelers in that section of the road. Pretty much the same as before, but without as much room for maneuvering if folks come around a blind corner quickly.

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