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Broadcast Pk & Tequepis Falls

I decided to take a day off work and hike in the Santa Ynez Mountain range. I  met a group at Camp V Ranch Park which is off Hwy 154. We drove up the fireroad about a 1/4 mile and parked our cars a the Tequiepis Falls trailhead

After hiking less than a mile or so there are two distinct signs. We took the trail to the left heding towards Broadcast Peak. Our intention was to hit the falls first but we missed it because there is no sign indicating where the falls are so, we headed towards the trail on the left.

The trail is filled with lush green trees including some interesting mushrooms (which will be posting the majority in (flora & fauna)
here is the first stream crossing there are about 4 small streams to cross

The real fun begins here as you start to ascend a steep couple of switchbacks for 4.5 miles before coming to a saddle just below the peak

There were some interesting mushrooms along side the trail.

A huge waterfall can be seen from the switchback but this is not Tequepis Falls that we found.

The saddle has some 360 degree views of the surrounding Mountains. We were surrounded by beautiful clouds most of the day.

Even though it began as a foggy day, the skies soon cleared as we climbed up the ridge to the peak.

The final push to the summit is a 1/4 mile stretch up a steep ridge with some cool rocks along the way.

Whooohoooo Broadcast Peak 4028'

View of another the Canyon that we did not hke through, below seen from the summit.

After desceding the same way we arrived we found the trail through the canyon that lead us to the falls.

The stretch of the canyon is about a 1/4 mile before you approach Tequepis falls. There was an abundance of mushrooms, moss and Wtiches Butter. There was a some washout areas so we had to cross the stream a couple of times.

It turned out to be a beautiful cool, crisp day without rain. Total trip was 10 miles, 2800 ft elevation.
Shooting Star in the picture below
Huff and Puff

Nice pix.  It looks like the weather was great, too.  Southern Cal is really getting green this year with all the rain.  Also mushrooms in abundance.

That tree with the moss looks pretty. Thanks for the cool report.

NICE! 'nuther one added to my never ending list ;-O

Padre's Shooting Star
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