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Several years ago I saw a bobcat just across a small wash beside a biking trail in Chino Hills, last summer I saw one in the same place and started carrying a camera when I was going to walk by.

Just before Christmas it paid off and I got several photos of him/her. It was sitting out in the open about 30 yards off the trail, but quite well camouflaged. I only noticed because of two small black triangles that wiggled and moved , at first I thought they were little birds but these were the cats ears.
The cat appeared unafraid of me as I kept my distance, it was probably very use to humans passing.

A beautiful animal.





Neat pics. It's a rare treat when you get an opportunity like that.
Thanx for sharing.


We are regulars in Chino Hills during the cooler months. Can you tell me where this spot is?  In 15 years of hiking, we have seen 2 bobcats and probably walked by several dozen well hidden ones. On Jan 11, we ran across a father and son in Boy Scout uniforms on the Sycamore Trail. They said they had just seen a bobcat down below in Telegraph Canyon.

Nice cat.  They look so domesticated to me, except they are clearly bigger.

What a fun encounter, and some fine photos, Frank. Thanks for posting them.

I have some photos of a bobcat in our backyard. When observed, it  was after dusk; the first photo was taken very quickly as I thought he would flee, so I hadn't disabled the auto flash. That startled him, and I was able to take only a couple more photos before he hopped the fence. I'll dig up the pics.

And *now* I recall that I believe I met Tracker IRL on a wildlife call. A bobcat snacked on a half dozen of my neighbor's exotic birds and then hung around in his back yard waiting for another course at dinnertime. By the end of the afternoon, the cat was tranked by the authorities, and carted off to the hinterlands. (Recent news footage with Tracker jogged the recall and recognition of that participating dignitary Wink

Thanks again for the pics and post, Frank.

kind regards,
Uncle Rico

Wow. Really cool stuff asbufra. Thanks for posting.

Pics of the bobcat in my backyard (ref: above):

Flashed from about fifteen feet:


He walked over and sat beneath another tree for a bit. The next photo flash flushed him away. Eyes reflecting in the photo:

kind regards,

Another Bobcat

I keep seeing Bobcats, three times recently, here is the most recent. I don't think it is the same animal, each time was about a mile away from the last sighting, but it is certainly possible. This photo is taken with an iphone.
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