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Tom Kenney

Blue Ridge CG to Wright Mtn Bald Spot

Wife and I took a nice afternoon stroll today.  We started at Blue Ridge CG and hiked the PCT over to the Wright Mountain Bald Spot.  Though I'm very familiar (30+ yrs worth of familiar!) with the area, I'd never hiked that segment of the PCT, so that was nice.

Day started out warm and partly cloudy.  Startled a small herd of 4 deer just before Guffy CG, and sat in a clearing amongst the buckthorn and had a snack before continuing.  When we arrived at the Bald Spot, it began to rain lightly.  Rain continued for about another 90 mins on the hike back.  We took the road back for a change of scene.  The rain kept things cool, and was a pleasant change from the humid but rainless 100's we'd been experiencing in The Valley all week.

I had hoped to see some bighorn sheep at the Bald Spot, but no such luck.  It's the only location I've seen them multiple times in the Gabes (except twice on Waterman).

The road is in crappy shape between CA-2 and the Holiday Hill reservoir, but after that is in pretty good condition.  Entirely navigable in a passenger car, but be careful.  The potholes in the 'pavement' have grown, and there are some fierce ruts caused by recent storms.  Road is open past Guffy, so you can go to the end (Pine Mountain, anyone?).  The sign said closed to Lupine, but I forgot to check the gate on our return.

Sadly, much of the forest along the PCT between the reservoir and the top of Blue Ridge near the radio towers is starting to fall to the drought.  Trees of all flavors are fringed with rust/brown needles, and some of the fir trees have died, standing with all needles as the were attached, but turned rust.

Hope y'all had as pleasant a Saturday.  Cheers!

Its open to Lupine, but it would be silly to go down there without a jeep or 4x4. Especially all the way to crosses the main wash/Prairie Fork that is impassable by passenger cars. Water is flowing at a slow rate at the Lupine spring. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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