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Birdman of Alcatraz

We spent last weekend in San Francisco playing the tourists. Naturally, a trip to Alcatraz was included. I finally got some decent pictures of a hummingbird in all places.


Very nice photos!


I especially like the 3rd image. It really gives a sense of motion

Thanks for sharing

It reminds me of when my truck broke down in Great Basin National Park and encountered a humming bird sitting on it's nest when we where hiking XC to the Visitor Center to call AAA
Mike P

Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting!

Beautiful!!  And so tricky to get those shots.  Very very nice.

Fantastic photos of these beauteous birds! Extremely challenging to capture good images like that. Well done, sir.

Thanks for the post.

(I love to watch those jeweled rocketbirds. This year we had a nest right at our front entryway; we were so cautious not to disturb that I took only a few photos very early in nesting. Later, if we would linger before entering the house, they would buzz-bomb eerily close and *just* miss a strafing scratch of the noggin. You know that sound.)

Freaks me out when they come out of nowhere and get all up in my face, just a few inches away from me with this look in their eyes like they want to stick their beaks in my eyeballs. Do I look like a flower? Maybe it's my red hair.

Do they eat meat?

Sweet photos! You must have quick reflexes.
Uncle Rico

Great shots Richard. No. 3 is amazing.

Thank you!

Thank you all for your kind words. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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