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Big Santa Anita Canyoneering

I want to thank AW (Adonis) for taking us on a very cool canyoneering trip in Big Santa Anita yesterday.

He had his hands full, literally and figuratively, with us four novices. We very much appreciate his time and generous help. We had a great experience learning a thing or two about rappelling off waterfalls.

(Dima at the top of Sturtevant Falls.)

(Cecelia poses for the camera.)

(Adonis under the spray.)

(Henry at the bottom of Sturtevant Falls.)

Unfortunately my back crapped out after the first waterfall. I'll get Sturtevant next time. Congrats to everyone! They also did Hermit Falls. Maybe someone else can document that part of the adventure, as I was indisposed in the parking lot.

Full album: Big Santa Anita Canyoneering

Awesome shots! It looks like rappelling came naturally to everyone. Sorry I missed out. I am looking forward to another trip in the future.

Thank you AW this was an awesome experience for me! The  adrenaline rush I got from rappelling was amazing! Thank you again for taking the time to guide us and teaching us new things.
Also, thank you so much for helping me out of that upper pool of Sturtevant Falls.

Hermit Falls was crowded, as expected. 'What be this...rope&helmets?' reactions. The upper falls were skipped, with no one wanting to waterslide it. Everyone present did the 2 tiered lower falls which was flowing nicely too. This was the slickest rock of the day into the lower pool. Surprising to find out that the jumpers were landing in only into 5-6ft of water!

The only picture I got was this one of the group atop the flowing cascade named for the picnic area.

Rappeling adventure

More pics

Having issues will upload more later
Uncle Rico

Canyon Man's a legend.

Here's the money shot:


He never smiled like that when I bagged a peak with him.

Odd fellow that AW Wink

HikeUp wrote:
He never smiled like that when I bagged a peak with him. Odd fellow that AW Wink

They saw that first hand. I was getting lost map-wise on the way there since it goes uphill twice. I suspected,with a little paranoia mixed in, the second uphill was a peak bagging trail to Mt Zion. Alas, Dima&Sean assured me there was no reason to freak out and head back to the shade of the canyon. I ended up remembering that I was on the right path but out of shape as compared to the last visit.

Now as far as bagging peaks, such talk could be construed as actually summiting peaks Smile That arent exempt or have waivers.


Sturtevant Falls

Some more pics from our awesome day!

AW rappeling the first falls


bottom pool of the first falls
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