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Big Iron from the NW ridge?

I've done big Iron from the South (the "easiest" way)....but want to try it from the ridge which I recall being about 1 mile beyond the bridge to nowhere.   Assuming Stanley Miller is on the way, or nearby?

Anybody done this one who can give some tips?

Travis and Augie have done several of those ridges, if I remember correctly. Check the routes and trip reports on this page:

Yea, thanks Wu...I've read that before, but just revisited it based on your link.  Looks like it's a bit of a "wing it" no matter what.  I know where to start.....and when the elevation stops rising, I'm there.  Guess that's all I need  Smile   Should be fun.  Will post a TR.

I've done the NW ridge, here's the trip report

Let me know if you have any questions. I went down the ridge (not up) but I have gone up to SM which I believe is similar terrain to what lies above it. There is decent brush in the middle section but usually you can bypass it.

btw the views down this ridge are awesome


btw the views down this ridge are awesome
That's one way to put it.   Shocked

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