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big cat on yerba buena ridge

On Saturday I was bicycle exploring up the fire road that climbs the west side of Yerba Buena Ridge and was nearly at the upper junction with the fascination spring trail. Up ahead in a grassy clearing on the ridge I saw something sauntering along through the field, but pretty much out in the open about 100 yards away. I didn't get a real good look at him, but I could clearly make out the form of a mature mtn. lion. After about 3-4 seconds he quietly slipped into the grass and disappeared.

That's the first time I've gotten a glimpse of one out in the open like that. I always figured they usually hear you before you catch any sign of them and then they stay concealed. Then again, maybe he was a bit deaf from the constant barrage of artillery that could be heard from across the canyon at the shooting range.

It seems like a not-too-frequently visited corner of the forest, almost like a private reserve for the horse ranches around there. I wonder if the cats like it up in there.

Anybody else ever seen a cat casually taking a stroll in broad daylight like that? The only other time I caught an ever briefer glimpse of one was in the evening while cooking dinner on a backpacking trip and turned a flashlight on a visitor whose eyes flashed before he took off.


What luck!


This beaste has left his tracks all over that area, I saw some tracks about 14 days ago. on oak spring trail. I've seen a couple posts from one lady on the "Hiking in the Foothills" group on facebook with photos of tracks, on Doc Larsen Trail

These sightings seem to be coincidental to clearing out of "Washville"
Uncle Rico

Anybody else ever seen a cat casually taking a stroll in broad daylight like that?

About 2 years ago while hiking solo I came around a corner in Happy Camp (just outside of Moorpark) mid-day to see the rear end of a cat causally moving into the brush about 20 yard from me. I ducked back around the corner to get out my camera. When I peered back around the corner (s)he was gone (or at least no longer visible).    Shocked Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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