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Bichota Canyon Road from Pigeon Ridge Road (2-5-17)

There used to be a road that dropped down into Bichota Canyon from the Chamisal Mesa area on the Pigeon Ridge fire road. Since the Cabin Fire last year burned most of Bichota Canyon I figured it was a good time to go explore before it became overgrown again.

Most of the road looked like this:

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 34.27218,-117.83386 I encountered this vehicle:

I continued on for about another mile until I encountered a real washout that left nowhere to go but back.

Bichota Creek was flowing hard enough that I could hear it from the ridge top. It looked more like the East Fork of the San Gabriel River than the seep it normally is.

Nice. Is that a hawk in the background of the first pic?

Didn't notice when I was taking it. Might well be. I was thinking it might be a pigeon, but you don't see city pigeons that far away from civilization often. I do see ring necked pigeons occasionally, though. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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