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Best sunscreen?

I'm not sure this should be in "gear", but it is sort of gear.

I've been using Parrot Head sunscreen because it is supposed to be sweat resistant, not allowing the sweat to bring the chemicals into your eyes.  But, it hasn't been working well in all conditions.

Does anyone have a favorite sweat resistant sunscreen?

I prefer neutrogena sunscreens

they make some nice non-greasy sweat-resistant products

Neutrogina here, too.  The only reason I choose it over the other brands is it doesn't leave the lingering 'day-at-the-beach' sunscreen smell on me and my gear.  

You can also try hiking in the twilight-to-dawn hours; no sunscreen needed!  Its actually a pretty cool (pun intended) time to hike, especialy if there's a full moon.  Very Happy

Thanks for the replies.  I'll try Neutrogena.

spend money on sunscreen.  You MUST get full UVA and UVB protection.  One burns.  One doesn't, but is doing major damage all the while.  Another thing to consider is "photo stability"  Is the active ingredient broken down in the presence of sunlight?

I buy the expensive stuff in the case.  It's not that much more. I think "Helioplex" is the good stuff.
Sitting Bull

I use Coppertone Sport in the blue container.  It's thick and disgusting, but I have found it to be effective, especially when I get very sweaty or wet.

I prefer Neutrogena for just chilling and not exerting myself, because it is much smoother and less greasy. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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