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best rout to Mt Lowe summit?

Just a quick question.....East trail or west trail??  I've done it from the East, which seems to be about 20 miles, and takes me through Anaheim (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration....but it does seem to go on forever!).  I've also done it from the west, via Tom Sloan saddle, and a free-climb "scramble" to the top.    

How's the West trail (just above Lowe camp and next to the entrance of the East trail)??  Is it shorter (than the East)??    Just curious how long I should book for a trip to the summit of Lowe from Alpine Tavern camp.

Rolling Eyes

Where are you starting from. I'm just curious, not an expert of all the trails. I have only done Mt. Lowe from Via Echo. I have never been on the Tom Sloan Trail. Is it open these days?


up the southwest face

Thanks!  Okay, so it looks like the West Trail (upper Sam Merril) is significantly shorter than the East Trail (that I've done....and which seemed to go on forever).  

Thanks all!  and thanks for the map.

Fortified- I've done it from Echo and also from Millard Canyon.  What I'm talking about is from the "Alpine Tavern" camp, which is the base of the final ascent.  If you come from Echo or Millard, you will still end up at Alpine Tavern (roughly).    As for Sloan, it's open for a while.....not sure how far, as I haven't taken it all the way west.

HikeUp wrote:
Great map.


Crappy resolution...I'll try and re-scan it in someday.

It's fine for what it is.  I'll have to check out Tom Sloan again some time.  It was really a bushwhack in the 80's when I first tried it.  They re-opened it in the early 90's if I recall correctly, but last I heard it was really brushy again.

I'd also like to try that Lone Tree Trail now that Paul Ayers (I believe) has re-opened it.

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