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best REI store in LA for hiking boots ?

somewhat new on this forum and Central California, I was wondering if one of you could tell me which of the REI store around Los Angeles has the largest choice of backpacking boots ?
(especially between Northridge, Santa Monica or Manhattan beach, I'm coming from Santa Barbara !)
Thank you

EDIT: trying the poll feature...

I work near the Arcadia REI, so that's the only one I know.  There's also Sport Chalet, multiple locations, and Adventure 16 (A16) in Tarzana and out on Pico in West LA.  I bought my last pair of boots from A16 and my last pair of trail shoes from Sport Chalet.


NOT HUNTINGTON BEACH!  I feel like the boot fitter when I'm in that store.  That siad, I've bought my wife's Keen boots and my daughter's Vasque boots there.

I bought my Lowa Silberhorns at A16 on Pico in West LA and was very happy with the fitting and service.  After I get a few more miles on them I'll head back that way for some stretching, etc.

Go to and order every boot you want to try in your size. Have them shipped to your nearest store (free) When they are delivered go in and try them all on and decide what you like best, then return all the others.

I've always had a good experience getting footwear at the Northridge REI. Knowledgeable and helpful, staff, good selection in a wide range of prices.


Well, looks like this poll had only a limited success...

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions, I finally called REI and they advise me to go to the Santa Monica store for the largest boots selection, so here you go !

However I have to say I stopped by the Adventure 16 in Pico and they also had a nice choice...

Hey Raphus-
 Sorry I'm late to the party here.  Your biggest selection of boots at LA REI's will either be at the Santa Monica or Tustin stores.   Both are large assortment stores (meaning they have a large variety of footwear).   Tustin will probably have the most, since it is a brand new store.   The rest of the REI's in LA are medium assortment stores, like our store in Arcadia.   Best of luck searching! Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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