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Bears inside abadoned car near Chantry Flats

Monday, January 26, 2015 09:58AM
A routine call for a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy at the Chantry Flat recreation area in the Angeles National Forest turned into a terrifying situation when his team noticed a large bear.

Deputy Ricky Hernandez was being lowered from a helicopter to inspect an abandoned car in the brush on Sunday. When his team spotted the bear, they tried to warn Hernandez, but lost radio contact.

The bear was startled by the chopper and ran off, but Hernandez knew it'd be back after finding bear cubs inside the car.

"The vehicle was all torn up. All the liner and upholstery was cut up and made into a nest. I entered the vehicle... when I got inside I noticed two or three bear cubs inside there," Hernandez said.

After a quick investigation, sheriff's deputies got Hernandez out quickly.

Hernandez says he's learned a valuable lesson: watch out for bears, even on routine calls
Mike P



I had a cub jump in my car at Cloudburst Summit one time. He was walking down the side of the road and didn't respond when I started honking my horn to get him to move back in the forest. I got out, left the door open and when I moved at him he ran around the car, jumped in and just sat in the passenger seat like a dog. It was crazy. I was thisss close to taking a drive with him. Smile

Felt terrible that he was out there without Mama, and that he wasn't afraid of me, but it was still a wild experience. Hope he made it. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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