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Bear Today on Mt. Lowe Railway Trail

This morning I was on the segment of the Mt. Lowe Railway trail between Echo Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope when I came upon a black bear.  It saw me and wasn't frightened in the least.  I, on the other hand, was trying not to pee myself and backed away to give it space.  It sunned itself on an outcropping then headed in the direction of Echo Mountain where I lost sight of it when it went around a corner.  There were people headed both up and down this segment of the trail but I had at least 1/2 mile between myself and them.  Clearly none of the people I passed as I continued east and down the hill saw the bear, so it must have scurried up or down the mountain.  

This is the last place I ever thought I would see a bear in the Angeles, given how heavily traveled it is.

That is odd.

Maybe there are some good pickin's if it's busy.

Taco wrote:
Maybe there are some good pickin's if it's busy.

Ha, maybe! I think I need to get louder when I am hiking, maybe by blasting bad dance music out of my iPhone (kidding). Or buy a bear bell.

I keep nearly typing beer.  Beer bell.  Beer sighting.  Beer on the Mt. Lowe Railway Trail. Maybe the bear was looking for beer...

I once saw a bear in broad daylight within a few hundred yards of the Mt. Wilson Trailhead in Sierra Madre.

On a different note, if there's beer available, you'd see me on the Mt. Lowe Trail too.  Wink

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