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Mike P

Bear Aftermath

Last night or early this morning, one of our local bears opened our partially closed garage door and shredded my closet that held Angeles Crest 100 gear and spare backpacking gear food. He downed cat food and multiple flavors of Mountain House. He also got into the AC 100 medical kit and downed a few TUMs, too. This self-medicating bear is smarter than I thought...


Zoiks. Guess he's not a golfer  Wink

Amazing they can smell through the thick sealed foil of the freeze dried stuff huh?

Although it's disappointing that he didn't try to re-hydrate it first.  No one likes crunchy backpacking food.    Rolling Eyes  Laughing

Looks like "the-morning-after-the-night-before" post-party debri field from back in my younger days (college keggers, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, etc).  Looks like Yogi skipped the cups and just drank directly from the keg?  Wink

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