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Baldy via Backbone

Took advantage of the frequent Groupon offering for the round trip lift ride and lunch this holiday weekend, this way Karen joins me for some altitude hiking. Pretty common blah blah for the walk, although we did see a tiny bit of snow. I counted 33 people on the summit when we arrived about noon which is of course the usual crowd on a nice day.
I had the Buddy IPA with lunch at The Notch which made for another great day on Baldy.

Going up.

Snow near the notch. We went up this ski run until it intersects the road.

Backbone on the way up.

It was cool to be above the clouds, like looking down on a blanket of cotton.

Now I can say I did a snow hike this year.

I think it's my 26th time up, 3rd for her. Light cool breeze on top.

Always a good time. Cool picture showing the lower mountains above the clouds. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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