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Bailey Canyon Question

looking to take a small group of newbies from Bailey trail head to the cabin remains. Starting at 6:30PM weekday evening.  Parking suggestions? Do they close the gates at a certain time? Don't want folks locked in or parking tickets. Thanks!

From what I could find out for you,

"There is a gate at the entrance to the park open “from dawn to dusk.”

It was posted at this link online:

Dawn to Dusk hours for California time table found here:

I have no idea if there is street parking available close by as an alternative.  I haven't been to this area myself.  Maybe someone else who sees the post will know?  I find its best to scout it out first yourself before planning a group meeting to be sure.

Best wishes and Happy Trails to you and your group.

Re: Bailey Canyon Question

Bailey Canyon Park is open from dawn to sunset.

Sunset is around 7:20 PM right now. That gives you less than an hour to hike the 4.4-mile RT to the cabin ruins. Probably not the greatest idea to park inside the gate if you'll be returning an hour after sunset.

There is street parking outside the gate, but then you'll have to find a different way out of the park if the gate is closed when you get back.

I've exited Bailey Canyon Park an hour past sunset once or twice without incident. From what I remember, the gate was never closed.

Just in case, I wouldn't park inside lest the gate is locked. There's plenty of free street parking on the side streets, though. I always opt to park on the side street.

The cabin ruins may be a letdown. A short rock wall is the only thing that remains.

Also keep in mind that the Bailey Canyon Trail is exposed to the west. It might only be 85 degrees at 6:30 PM, but the sun beating down on you will make it feel like more.

Park outside the gate on Grove Street (the N-S street). If the gate is locked you will have to hop the fence. The easiest place to hop it will depend on how recent the maintenance people have repaired the fences. I find that it is "usually" easiest to hop the gate that blocks the road that goes up to the catch basin. On exiting the canyon, don't go through the turnstile, continue down the road and you'll see the gate I am refering to.

Things change so be creative!

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback. My only concern after reading your comments is having people hop a fence.

shreddy wrote:
...hop a fence.

Use Google Maps Street View to get a look at what the fence looks like. Only 2 or 3 strands of barbed wire to get the dangly bits caught on!  Shocked

Just an update - Did some recon yesterday.  Couldn't find a good way out for a group should the gate be closed when we return. Not up for having folks hop a fence and hurt themself.  Think I'll find another location. Taken this group to Echo and First Water before. Want to try something different and accessible...

You could try Azusa Peak via the Garcia Trail. Add Glendora Peak for a little bonus distance.

It's all street parking, so you don't have a gate issue.

Thanks Sean! Never been to Garcia. Will check it out!
Mike P

Sean wrote:
You could try Azusa Peak via the Garcia Trail. Add Glendora Peak for a little bonus distance.

It's all street parking, so you don't have a gate issue.

Shreddy, if you don't mind walking with 500 of your closest friends, the Garcia Trail is a decent hike. Social media has popularized this trail and it is quite over-used. Watch out for the dog poop piles, discarded water bottles and graffiti.

-Just an update -

Leary of having newbies hop barbed wire at Bailey (night) I took the small group to Eaton Falls. I haven't bothered to go there in a very long time (Probably a decade) because of all the trash.

As you all know, it is still filthy. It's very sad.  Saw a plastic bag in a tree, dirty diaper rolled up by the water, wrappers and left over meals.

I'm more leery of the humans in the mountains than "the animals."

A friggin'  shame

 Crying or Very sad

You found my diapers?!

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