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Back to Mt. Islip

Well going back to Mt Islip today. My son and his friend want to go so I offered to go with them. Heck even after I went to Arroyo Seco this past Friday and just wish I could of hiked farther, I guess I am getting my wish. But at least this time they will pay for gas and give me a meal!

I must say it was great to hike with my son up to Mt Islip. Sad to say he is 27 and this is only the 3rd hike I have ever done with him. Now he wants to do an overnight with me and we both are looking forward to it!  I just hope he enjoys Jerky and Salami as much as I do, for 3 meals! No clean up!
Very Happy


I might have seen you guys.
Did the three of you stop for lunch at Windy Gap?
Great day for a hike, wasn't it?
And very cool that your boy wants to head out there with you again. I'm not a Dad but I can imagine that would be a pretty good feeling.
Hike on.

Yup stopped there for a snacked and then shot up to Islip for tea and coffee and Jerky for me, My sons friend took a nap up there. I think he learned to pace himself on the way down.


HA. Yeah...that pacing thing is sort of a learned skill, isn't it?
Enjoy your overnight. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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