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Back Bone trail

Can any one help me with this?
I rode goog portion of the BBT saturday.
Went from Malibu Creek SP to 2.5 miles pass Mullholand Hwy, and back. I think I was close to Crcle X.
Question is ...

Do you know of anybody that has done the whole BBT in a day?

I'm thinking about riding the sections where bikes are aloud and hiking the others. The whole trail system is about 70 miles, from Point Magu to Will Rogers. Only on about half of it bikes are permited.
Other than the part I rode saturday, the only other rideable section are...
a little bit of it in Sycamore Cyn and from the end of the Mush trail in Topanga, to the end of it.

I want to do it all legal. I would tight my bike  frame to the pack and carry the wheels. On the other side I want to ride every single inch of trail that I can.
Some places are very obviuos as where to ride or hike. Others are confusing to me. For instance ..
I've heard so many time that you can ride a bike all the way to Sand Stone peak, from Encinal Cyn.

Where can I get this kind of info? Will there be signs?
Thank you all for your time.

simply looking at the miles that would be one long day! You say 35 miles are ride-able with a conservative average of 7mph that is 5 hours with out stops plus another 35 miles at 3 miles an hour (carrying a bike) Confused is 11.6 hours. So that is over 16.5 hours without stopping. That is sweet ride and huge accomplishment if you pull it off. And I will be the first to congratulate you being an XC rider myself.

Yes it would be a long day, but I was thinking more like 12 hours, 14 tops. Never did the math like you just did. Now you got me thinking. Still want to try it though.

    I thought of two other options

1. Still unsupported but brake it into 2 days, over nighting at Malibu Creek.

2. Have somebody (like my wife) pick up and deliver the bike where I don't need it. That could save me a couple of hours over all. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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