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Avalanche Danger in Icehouse Canyon

FYI - be safe out there everyone!

Trail & Snow Conditions: Avalanche Danger in Icehouse Canyon (Mt. Baldy Area), February 19, 2017

Thanks for posting.  

Any indicator of triggers for these slides?  Given the location(s) and timing, these look to be naturally triggered storm related (i.e., occurring within a short time after/during significant snowfall before the snow pack has time to settle and consolidate) slides.  They look like wet point releases vs. classic slabs. Big loads of snow dropping off of trees onto unstable slopes can often trigger slides.

Many of the slopes around Baldy are at risk of sliding given their angle of repose. Even modest slides pose a risk if they occur in a terrain trap (like the gully bottom in a couple of your pictures) where a small amount of snow can create a very deep debris pile in a narrow and confined space.

Observations from people in the field is great.  Recent avalanche activity is considered one of the key indicators of avalanche risk....

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