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As promised, alligators

We hiked the Hawks Bluff trail in the Savannas Preserve State Park this morning. It is a one mile loop down and up an old sand dune that is part of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge. The elevation gain is a staggering 40 feet. Part of the trail is along the edge of the marshlands. There is a small peninsula that goes into the water for about 100 feet with a wooden observation platform to watch migratory birds. In the far distance, we saw shapes floating in the water. I put the zoom on max and braced myself against the rail. I was not sure what I was seeing until I got home and examined the images. It was our first alligators! The images are really pushing the camera and lens, but there is no doubt. Have a look:

Mike P

Great pics! Thanks Richard!

Actually clear pictures. I think those are good to see from a distance.
Thanks for posting. Did you have to take a rest after that hike?

Very nice gators! Glad we don't have those around here. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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