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Max Falcon

Anza Borrego

I'm gonna check out Anza Borrego Desert for the first time next Thursday for some hiking/overnighting for 2-4 days, and wondered if anyone with familiarity of the area had any points of interest or good trails they'd like to share.  Areas i've been looking at are the badlands, the slot, ghost mountain, seeing the mud caves to the south..  the canyons and caves interest me the most.

RU hiking or 4 wheeling it?

I hate to say it, but AB is best savored in the spring when the wildflowers are in bloom...
Max Falcon

Hiking.  My truck is only 2 wheel drive so I won't be off roading.. last thing I'd wanna do is get stuck out in the middle of the desert solo.

FWIW -- and you didn't offer me the talking stick -- but anyway here goes...
have you thought about Josh as an alternative desert destination?  Or are you seeking solitude?  

The Borrego Palm Canyon Trail to as far as you feel comfortable scrambling is an excellent intro to the park.  The visitor's center is worthy of a look as well.  Great for plant id!

Have fun, be safe, bring excess water.

The visitor center and Borrego Palm Canyon would be a good place to go the first day. Talk to the rangers at the VC, they can give you good info about the park and what to see. The Tom Harrison San Diego Backcountry Map covers the park and would be a good thing to bring along. Fonts Point is a good place to get an overview of the badlands. Arroyo Tapiado is a good area if you like the slot canyons and caves. The wash is sandy, but I think you could make it. There are a few short trails around Ghost Mountain: the morteros trail, pictograph trail and the trail to the yaqutepec site. Whale peak is near there if you want a longer hike. If you go to the slot, you could walk out to the West Butte of Borrego Mountain. The Fish Creek area is also a good place to explore.

All of these places except Palm Canyon require driving off road. With a 2 wheel drive truck, you can get to most places you mentioned. Some of the washes can be sandy, just keep a steady speed and dont slow down!  If you dont leave the pavement, you are very limited. Have fun!

Fo shizzle. I've been going there since I was a wee lad.... though I've not been there since 2003 or so.

Fonts Point, Coyote Canyon (if you're offroading), Sandstone Canyon, them whispering caves or whatever... them's a few.

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