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Eric Su

Anyone interested in Mt. San Gorgonio Snow Camping?

Location: We will be starting from South Fork Trailhead, but meet up at Mill Creek ranger station first

The initial planned route up the mountain was the Vivian Creek Route, which I have done several times. Since that trailhead will be closed, the approach will be South Fork. I have never done south fork before, but according to the map and from what people have told me, it looks way more straight forward and with easier route finding than Vivian Creek.

Possible dates: For now it looks like the only time I have for this hike will be between Dec 23-25 or Dec 24-26. This trip will involve 3 days total and 2 nights.

If you like photography and mountaineering, than this trip is for you!The itinerary has been set in a way that allows for the best light for photos.

Note: This is a very strenuous hike and not for everybody. People who are inexperienced with snow die here every year. Please make sure you meet the following requirements, or you are putting yourself and the rest of the group in danger:

1. You can hike more than 5,000ft elevation gain with at least a 50lb pack in less than 12 hours.

2. Youve snow camped before.

3. You have an ice axe, crampons, and snowshoes and know how to use them. This includes being able to self belay, self arrest, and french step.

4. You are fit enough to be capable of running faster than a 6:40 minute mile on flat ground.

5. You have camped above 10,000ft previously with no severe AMS symptoms (a small headache and slight nausea is ok).

6. This is not required, but it is HIGHLY recommended you hike C2C or Skyline prior to this hike.

7. You are comfortable in class 3 terrain

General Itinerary:

Day 1: hike up south fork route and camp in the rock shelters on the summit

Day 2: hike as far as we can along the Ten Thousand Ridge, then come back to camp

Day 3: hike Dragonshead Peak, then break camp and head down

What to bring:

Clothing: - Synthetic or wool wicking top and bottom base layers- Insulating or windproof mid-layer jacket and pants - Water and wind resistant outer layer jacket and pants - Insulating parka - Wicking socks (liners if desired) - Waterproof gloves and lighter weight gloves - Warm hat - Mountaineering boots - Gaiters

Gear: - (optional)Trekking pole(s) with snow baskets - 40 to 60 liter backpack, strippable for climbing - day pack - Sleeping bag - Sleeping pad - Climbing helmet - Ice axe - Crampons fit to your boots - snowshoes/skis - Compass - (optional) Camera - Sunglasses - headlamp, flashlight - Stove and pot - Capacity for at least 2 liters of water - High calorie dinner, lunch and snacks for 3 days - Mug / bowl, spoon - firestarter - knife, etc. (the "10 essentials") - tent

we will decide as a group at the trailhead whether to take the snowshoes, crampons, or both

Eric Su - the man with the plan.  I'd be down for your photography/hiking challenge, but I'll be in Ohio that week keeping it real.  In honor of your trip, I'll run a mile in 6:39 in the snow there.


I will be checking out your TR to get a good idea on conditions. Good luck and have fun.

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