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Anyone hiking with a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90V?

There are plenty of reviews around from camera guys, but if  there's someone who's using it primarily in the outdoors, I'd really like to hear about it.

I'm looking for something in a similar form factor to my current Canon PowerShot ELPH 310HS, but adding GPS.

Side note: If you haven't heard of, hang on to that for next time you're looking!

I tried out a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40, but it had really lame self-timer options and I use that a lot, so that didn't work for me.  Thought about trying to pick up a used Canon PowerShot SX280 HS, but certain serial numbers have issues and so the search got a bit tedious.

I want to stick with that form factor because I like to have a camera in a velcro case on the hip strap of my backpack.  If the camera gets too long, I hit it with my thigh when walking and I don't like that.  The Sony is fatter but that's the most innocuous dimension to get bigger in.

Anyway, if anyone has real-life experience with the GPS, battery life with it on, etc, I'd love to hear about it!

I got one!  So far, so good.  Battery life seems good.

The self-timer options are just adequate, but slightly disappointing compared to those on my 3+ year-old Canon.  So I'm keeping the Sony, but not really thinking of it as my last camera ever. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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